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Table 4 AUTPR@k, AUROC and AUPR values for the dataset ID, obtained with the best configuration (α=0.1,β=0.4) at different levels of the hierarchy

From: Prediction of new associations between ncRNAs and diseases exploiting multi-type hierarchical clustering

LP-HCLUS AVGLevel 10.0243350.0001980.532059
 Level 20.0136600.0000800.519290
 Level 30.0058830.0000240.510396
LP-HCLUS MAXLevel 10.0706390.0012180.567991
 Level 20.0548210.0007800.554388
 Level 30.0551410.0007560.551873
LP-HCLUS MINLevel 10.0054510.0000100.504690
 Level 20.0004740.0000000.500490
 Level 30.0003050.0000000.500154
LP-HCLUS ECLevel 10.0046090.0000100.506366
 Level 20.0056050.0000130.505695
 Level 30.0053530.0000100.505862
HOCCLUS2 AVGLevel 10.0022460.0000870.502169
 Level 20.0025530.0000060.502843
 Level 30.0008850.0000010.501328
HOCCLUS2 MAXLevel 10.0022380.0000870.502169
 Level 20.0026590.0000050.502676
 Level 30.0009730.0000010.500826
HOCCLUS2 MINLevel 10.0022470.0000870.502169
 Level 20.0025530.0000060.502843
 Level 30.0008850.0000010.501328
HOCCLUS2 ECLevel 10.0027630.0000150.502337
 Level 20.0023200.0000080.501835
 Level 30.0035330.0000070.503683
  1. The results in terms of AUPR and AUROC values can only be used for relative comparison and not as absolute evaluation measures because they are spoiled by the assumption made on unknown associations, that are considered as negative examples
  2. The best result is highlighted in boldface.