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Table 5 Average Area Under the TPR@k curve and p-values obtained by the Wilcoxon signed-rank test with the Bonferroni correction

From: Prediction of new associations between ncRNAs and diseases exploiting multi-type hierarchical clustering

 Average Area Under TPR@kp-values
MethodHMDD v3.0 datasetID datasetLP-HCLUS vs ncPred
LP-HCLUS_MAX_L10.0881300.0706390.005833 (+)
LP-HCLUS_MAX_L20.1092920.0548210.000266 (+)
LP-HCLUS_MAX_L30.1042440.0551410.000266 (+)
  1. The best result for each dataset is emphasized in boldface. (+) indicates that LP-HCLUS significantly outperforms ncPred (p-value <0.01)
  2. The best result is highlighted in boldface.