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Table 5 AUC of the evaluated CNV callers on the TCGA prostate dataset

From: CNV Radar: an improved method for somatic copy number alteration characterization in oncology

Caller AUC (gain) AUC (loss)
CNV Radar 0.75 0.83
CNVkit 0.75 0.86
CoNIFER_FCSVD0 0.62 0.53
CoNIFER_FCSVD1 0.59 0.52
CoNIFER_FCSVD2 0.37 0.38
CoNIFER_FCSVD3 0.14 0.26
CopywriteR 0.26 0.21
ExomeDepth 0.25 0.24
  1. AUC area under the receiver operating characteristic curve; CNV copy number variation; TCGA The Cancer Genome Atlas; Radar rapid aberration detection and reporting; CoNIFER copy number inference from exome reads