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Table 8 Partitioned build time and query speed for AFS31RS90 database

From: A big data approach to metagenomics for all-food-sequencing

ToolBuild timeMax. MemoryQuery SpeedMax. Memory
AFS-MetaCache (1 part.)3h 10min135 GB7.2 MR/m117 GB
AFS-MetaCache (2 part.)3h 04min82 GB3.1 MR/m70 GB
AFS-MetaCache (4 part.)3h 45min52 GB2.5 MR/m39 GB
MetaCacheSpark (8Ex-32Th)2h 57min175 GB4.3 MR/m76 GB
MetaCacheSpark (16Ex-16Th)1h 57min100 GB3.4 MR/m48 GB
MetaCacheSpark (32Ex-8Th)1h 25min69 GB2.2 MR/m37 GB
MetaCacheSpark (64Ex-4Th)1h 03min45 GB1.4 MR/m29 GB
  1. Query speed measured for dataset KAL_D in million reads per minute (MR/m). For MetaCacheSpark, the number of executors and threads per executor are indicated