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Table 1 Prediction of cell pluripotency of ESCs and iPSCs. Prediction of pseudo-times of iPSCs, somatic cells, and stem cells according to development stage using the proposed pluripotency prediction model

From: Prediction model construction of mouse stem cell pluripotency using CpG and non-CpG DNA methylation markers

DatasetSamplesNumber of markers usedPseudo-time
GSE64115WT MEF1024.30
GSE64115WT iPSC1015.61
GSE84235E6.5 (Proximal Epiblast)4815.35
GSE84235E6.5 (Proximal Epiblast)4815.60
GSE84235E6.5 (Extraembryonic Ectoderm)4813.88
GSE84235E6.5 (Extraembryonic Ectoderm)4814.49
GSE84235E3.5 (Inner Cell Mass)485.36
GSE84235E3.5 (Inner Cell Mass)485.4
GSE84235E3.5 (Trophectoderm)485.24
GSE84235E3.5 (Trophectoderm)485.68