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Table 1 Prediction of cell pluripotency of ESCs and iPSCs. Prediction of pseudo-times of iPSCs, somatic cells, and stem cells according to development stage using the proposed pluripotency prediction model

From: Prediction model construction of mouse stem cell pluripotency using CpG and non-CpG DNA methylation markers

Dataset Samples Number of markers used Pseudo-time
GSE64115 WT MEF 10 24.30
GSE64115 WT iPSC 10 15.61
GSE84235 E6.5 (Proximal Epiblast) 48 15.35
GSE84235 E6.5 (Proximal Epiblast) 48 15.60
GSE84235 E6.5 (Extraembryonic Ectoderm) 48 13.88
GSE84235 E6.5 (Extraembryonic Ectoderm) 48 14.49
GSE84235 E3.5 (Inner Cell Mass) 48 5.36
GSE84235 E3.5 (Inner Cell Mass) 48 5.4
GSE84235 E3.5 (Trophectoderm) 48 5.24
GSE84235 E3.5 (Trophectoderm) 48 5.68