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Table 1 Homogenous clusters formed using DBSCAN on the first two principal components, following labeling with ROStype

From: Adaptations of Escherichia coli strains to oxidative stress are reflected in properties of their structural proteomes

Protein groupProtein countCluster countV-measure
COG I (Lipid transport and metabolism)9720.33
Metabolism - Murein recycling4030.30
Manganese-binding enzymes3320.29
Fimbriae assembly proteins3940.29
Metabolism - All metabolic proteins151520.27
All metal-binding proteins59030.27
COG P (Inorganic ion transport and metabolism)19820.27
Metabolism - Inner membrane transport29920.26
All periplasmic proteins31530.14
Molybdenum-binding enzymes1440.14
  1. For ROStypes, both high and low predictions were considered the same label in homogeneity measurements. If a ROStype is unavailable for a strain, it was excluded from the homogeneity measurements. A V-measure is the harmonic mean of clustering homogeneity and completeness measures [49].