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Table 2 Sample table of the results obtained at the end of the computational pipeline, including the pair ceRNA-A/ceRNA-B, the number and the list of their shared miRNAs, mscor and its p-value (see Eq. 1)

From: miRTissue ce: extending miRTissue web service with the analysis of ceRNA-ceRNA interactions

ceRNA-A ceRNA-B shared miRNAs list of shared miRNAs mscor p-value
AASDHPPT ERO1L 1 hsa-miR-98 0.0006 0.048
STOML1 RP11-290F5.2 2 hsa-miR-373; hsa-miR-372 0.0009 0.048
SESN1 RP11-290F5.2 2 hsa-miR-17; hsa-miR-519d 0.0115 0.039
ESR1 RP11-290F5.2 2 hsa-miR-373; hsa-miR-372 0.0007 0.049