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Table 4 Pathway analysis of 15 gene markers

From: Development of predicitve models to distinguish metals from non-metal toxicants, and individual metal from one another

Ingenuity Canonical Pathways -Log(P-value) Ratio Molecules
C21-Steroid Hormone Metabolism 2.07E00 1.41E-02 HSD11B2
Complement System 1.84E00 2.78E-02 C8B
Glutathione Metabolism 1.65E00 1.02E-02 GSTM2
PXR/RXR Activation 1.54E00 1.16E-02 GSTM2
Androgen and Estrogen Metabolism 1.51E00 6.99E-03 HSD11B2
Neuregulin Signaling 1.43E00 1E-02 AREG
Metabolism of Xenobiotics by Cytochrome P450 1.27E00 4.76E-03 GSTM2
Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Signaling 1.24E00 6.37E-03 GSTM2
NRF2-mediated Oxidative Stress Response 1.14E00 5.41E-03 GSTM2
LPS/IL-1 Mediated Inhibition of RXR Function 1.1E00 4.88E-03 GSTM2
Xenobiotic Metabolism Signaling 9.73E-01 3.4E-03 GSTM2