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Table 5 Physiological functional anlaysis of 15 gene markers

From: Development of predicitve models to distinguish metals from non-metal toxicants, and individual metal from one another

Category P-value Molecules
Connective Tissue Development and Function 4.32E-04-3.53E-02 HSD11B2, AREG
Endocrine System Development and Function 4.32E-04-4.31E-03 HSD11B2
Organ Morphology 4.32E-04-2.59E-03 HSD11B2, AREG
Reproductive System Development and Function 4.32E-04-1.8E-02 AREG
Tissue Development 4.32E-04-3.53E-02 HSD11B2, AREG
Organ Development 8.63E-04-7.74E-03 AREG
Skeletal and Muscular System Development and Function 1.29E-03-3.53E-02 HSD11B2, AREG
Tissue Morphology 1.29E-03-4.74E-03 HSD11B2, AREG
Embryonic Development 3.02E-03-3.02E-03 AREG
Tumor Morphology 2.69E-02-4.61E-02 AREG
Cardiovascular System Development and Function 2.73E-02-2.73E-02 HSD11B2
Nervous System Development and Function 2.86E-02-4.41E-02 HSD11B2, AREG
Hair and Skin Development and Function 2.98E-02-2.98E-02 AREG