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Table 4 Performance comparison between miTAR2 and miRAW on an independent test dataset

From: miTAR: a hybrid deep learning-based approach for predicting miRNA targets

Model:dataset Accuracy Sensitivity Specificity F-score PPVb NPVb Brier score
miRAW: miRAWRawa 0.913 0.931 0.363 0.954 NA NA NA
miTAR2: miRAWIn 0.966 0.957 0.976 0.967 0.977 0.956 0.028
  1. NA represents the value is not reported in the corresponding study
  2. amiRAWRaw presents the dataset used in the miRAW study. The best performance values were selected from the reports of the miRAW study under different conditions
  3. bPPV represents positive predictive value; NPV represents negative predictive value