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Table 1 List of splittable Codecs considered in our experiments

From: FASTA/Q data compressors for MapReduce-Hadoop genomics: space and time savings made easy

Compressor Input FormatType Implementation
BZIP2 [6] Any file HS
LZ4 [5] Any file HS
ZSTD [17] Any file HS
DSRC [16] FASTQ files HS/HU
Fqzcomp [18] FASTQ files HU
MFCompress [19] FASTA files HU
SPRING [15] FASTA/Q files HU
  1. For each splittable Codec, it is reported: (1) the originating compressor; (2) the input format it supports; (3) whether or not it has been developed using our Splittable Compressor Meta-Codec (HS) or our Universal Compressor Meta-Codec (HU) or directly supported (HS)