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Table 1 Notations

From: A new algorithm to train hidden Markov models for biological sequences with partial labels

Symbols Explanations
\(\theta\) Hidden Markov model: \(\theta = (\pi , A,B)\)
N States’ number in hidden Markov model
K Symbolic Number in hidden Markov model
A Transition matrix with dimension \(N \times N\)
\(a_{ij}\) Probability of state i transition to state j
B Emission matrix with dimension \(N \times K\)
\(b_{j}(k)\) Probability of state j emitted from symbol k
\(\pi\) Initial probability of states with dimension \(N \times 1\)
\(O^s\) The sth sequence with length \(T^s\)
\(X^{s}\) State sequence of \(O^s\)
m Total number of sequences