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Table 1 Sample metadata table that accompanies the input of the protein data

From: PTMViz: a tool for analyzing and visualizing histone post translational modification data

File name Sample group Replicate Experimental group Custom ID
Reporter.intensity.corrected.0 Nucleus Accumbens 1 Treatment NA_1_T
Reporter.intensity.corrected.1 Nucleus Accumbens 2 Treatment NA_2_T
Reporter.intensity.corrected.2 Nucleus Accumbens 3 Treatment NA_3_T
Reporter.intensity.corrected.3 Nucleus Accumbens 1 Control NA_1
Reporter.intensity.corrected.4 Nucleus Accumbens 2 Treatment NA_2
Reporter.intensity.corrected.5 Nucleus Accumbens 3 Treatment NA_3
  1. This table allows the user to define the sample groups, each samples replicate number, the experimental group for the differential analysis, and a unique custom id that is displayed in the figures