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Table 4 ACKR1 alleles in the 1000GP and 3 Neanderthal samples

From: Cataloguing experimentally confirmed 80.7 kb-long ACKR1 haplotypes from the 1000 Genomes Project database

Haplotype Observations Nucleotides position* Length (base pairs)
  Species Population† n c.-67 T > C c.21 + 115 T > C c.21 + 235 T > C c.125G > A  
NG_011626.3‡ H. sapiens NA NA T T T G 1,626
HAP897 H. sapiens ACB 1 C C T A 2,032
HAP899 H. sapiens LWK 1 C C T A 1,978
Chagyrskaya H. neanderthalensis NA 1 T C T A NA
Altai H. neanderthalensis NA 1 T C T A NA
Vindija H. neanderthalensis NA 1 T C Y A NA
  1. *Nucleotide positions are shown according to the human reference sequence (NG_011626.3) and defined using the first nucleotide of the coding sequence (CDS) of the NM_002036.2 isoform as nucleotide position 1. Only variant positions with respect to the 2,032 nucleotides of the HAP897 are listed
  2. ACB = African Caribbeans in Barbados; LWK = Luhya in Webuye, Kenya
  3. ACKR1 reference allele per ISBT [95]
  4. NA, not applicable; Y = T or C