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Table 1 Comparison of features among Segmentor and three other tools [20,21,22,23] that enable manual editing of segmentation volumes

From: Segmentor: a tool for manual refinement of 3D microscopy annotations

  Segmentor 0.3.2 VAST Lite 1.4.0 Labkit 0.2.6 Brainsuite v19.b webKnossos
Available packages Windows, Mac, Linux Windows Windows, Mac, Linux Windows, Mac, Linux Web-based
Image File Format .nii,.vti,.tiff (single and multistack) .vsv,.vsvol,.vsvi,.vsvr .tiff .img,.img.gz,.nii,.nii.gz .czi,.nii,.raw,.dm3,.dm4,.png,.tiff (single and multistack)
Segmentation file format .nii,.vti,.tiff (single and multistack) .vss,.vsseg .tiff,.h5 .nii.gz .stl
2D + 3D editing Yes No No No No
Synchronized 2D + 3D views Yes No No No Yes
3D visibility controls for densely packed objects Yes Yes No No Yes
Voxel-level editing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Region-level controls (e.g., merge/split) Yes Yes No No Yes
Hierarchical object relationships No Yes No No Yes
Source code available Yes No Yes Yes Yes