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Table 1 A rough introduction to other algorithms

From: An iteration model for identifying essential proteins by combining comprehensive PPI network with biological information

Algorithm Network topology Biological information
DC [16] Degree Centrality No
IC [17] Information Centrality No
EC [18] Eigenvector Centrality No
SC [19] Subgraph Centrality No
BC [20] Betweenness Centrality No
CC [21] Closeness Centrality No
NC [22] Neighbor Centrality No
Pec [25] Edge clustering coefficient Gene expression data
CoEWC [26] Clustering coefficient Gene expression data
POEM [22] Degree Centrality, subgraph Edge clustering coefficient, closeness Centrality Gene expression data
ION [38] Edge clustering coefficient Orthologous data
CVIM [43] Average triangle, neighbor average triangle Orthologous data, gene expression data
TEGS [34] Edge clustering coefficient Gene Ontology, subcellular localization Gene expression data