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Table 2 List of all descriptors along with their abbreviations and numbers of features

From: Co-AMPpred for in silico-aided predictions of antimicrobial peptides by integrating composition-based features

Feature type Descriptor Abbreviation No. of features
Simple composition Amino acid composition AAC 20
Dipeptide composition DPC 400
Atom-type composition ATC 5
Bond-type composition BTC 4
Physicochemical properties Amino acid index AAI 553
Physicochemical property PCP 30
Distribution & repeats Distance distribution of repeats DDR 20
Residue repeat information RRI 20
Property repeat index PRI 24
Shannon entropy Shannon entropy of a residue SER 20
Shannon entropy of properties SEP 25
Shannon-entropy of a protein SE 1
Miscellaneous Amphiphilic pseudo amino acid composition APAAC 23
Pseudo amino acid composition PAAC 21
Composition enhanced transition and distribution CeTD 189
Quasi-sequence order QSO 42
Sequence order coupling number SOC 2