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Table 1 The detailed information of an independent test set

From: Classification of protein–protein association rates based on biophysical informatics

PDB ID Chain 1 Chain 2 Ionic strength (M) Correctly classified? kon (exp.) (M−1 s−1)
1KAC A B 0.16 Y 7.30E+04
1SBB A B 0.16 Y 1.00E+05
2I25 N L 0.16 N 9.00E+04
2J0T A D 0.23 Y 2.40E+04
2A22 A B 0.025 Y 1.50E+05
1EWY A C 0.31 Y 4.00E+07
1SGN E I 0.26 N 1.20E+06
1TLU A B 0.01 Y 5.60E+06
1UDI E I 0.08 Y 1.50E+08
7CEI A B 0.25 Y 7.60E+08