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Table 2 Variables of the yeast dataset and their respective description

From: DI2: prior-free and multi-item discretization of biological data and its applications

Variables Type Description
Sequence Text Accession number
mcg Continuous McGeoch’s method for signal sequence recognition
gvh Continuous von Heijne’s method for signal sequence recognition
alm Continuous Score of the ALOM membrane spanning region prediction program
mit Continuous Discriminant score of amino acid content of N-terminal regions
erl Binary Presence of retention signals in the endoplasmic reticulum lumen
pox Continuous Peroxisomal targeting signal in the C-terminus
vac Continuous Discriminant score of aminoacid content of vacuolar/extracellular proteins
nuc Continuous Discriminant score of nuclear localization signals
Class Categorical Localization site of protein.