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Table 3 Parameter values in the optimal-likelihood run of Model (8)

From: Practical identifiability in the frame of nonlinear mixed effects models: the example of the in vitro erythropoiesis

Parameter Lower bound Population average Upper bound
\(\rho _S\) 0.38 0.61 0.85
\(\delta _{SC}\) 0.22 0.37 0.59
\(\rho _C\) 3.8
\(\delta _{CB}\) 3.8 4.5 5.3
\(\rho _B\) 0.26
  1. The table displays, for each parameter, the average value across the population in the SAEM run with the lowest \(-2\,log( \widehat{{\mathcal {L}}} )\). For the three parameters that vary across the population, we also give the bounds of the confidence intervals at level 0.95 for the individual parameter values. All values expressed in \(\text {d}^{-1}\)