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Table 2 Details of the experimental datasets

From: Circall: fast and accurate methodology for discovery of circular RNAs from paired-end RNA-sequencing data

Dataset Read length (bp) Library size SRA accession number
Hela RNase R– 101 80,618,760 SRR1637089, SRR1637090
Hela RNase R+ 101 36,815,458 SRR1636985, SRR1636986 ara>
Hs68 RNase R– 100 206,362,733 SRR444975
Hs68 RNase R+ 100 199,922,486 SRR445016
Hek293 RNase R– 150 31,059,167 SRR3479243
Hek293 RNase R+ 150 42,307,449 SRR3479244
  1. The Hela samples are combined for the circRNA detection