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Table 5 The case study statistics

From: A multitask transfer learning framework for the prediction of virus-human protein–protein interactions

\(|{\mathbf{V}}^{\mathbf{h}}|\) \(|{\mathbf{V}}^{\mathbf{v}}|\) Training Validation Testing Human PPI
\(|{\mathbf{E}}^{+}|\) \(|{\mathbf{E}}^{-}|\) \(|{\mathbf{E}}^{+}|\) \(|{\mathbf{E}}^{-}|\) \(|{\mathbf{E}}^{+}|\) \(|{\mathbf{E}}^{-}|\) |E|
5563 834 554 17,418 1 51 1 51 96,459
  1. \(|E^{+}|\) and \(|E^{-}|\) refer to the number of positive and negative interactions, respectively. \(|V^{h}|\) and \(|V^{v}|\) are the number of human proteins and virus proteins