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Table 8 Comparison of PPI-BioBERT-x10 predictions with iPTMnet

From: Large-scale protein-protein post-translational modification extraction with distant supervision and confidence calibrated BioBERT

PTM iP Total iP Unique iP Uniprots Ours Ours HQ iP RLIMS
Acetylation 141 73 12 0 0 0
Methylation 7 4 4 0 0 0
Phosphorylation 21050 8949 8805 3270 815 358
Ubiquitination 2 1 0 0 0 0
  1. Of all PTM-PPI entries in iPTMnet (iP Total), iP Unique represents the subset of unique entries. Of the unique PTM-PPIs the subset that has associated UniProt identfiers is in column iP Uniprots. iP RLIMS is the number of unique PPI-PTM sourced from RLIMS+ . The number of all the PPI-BioBERT-x10 predictions that can be recalled in iPTMnet is in Ours. Ours HQ represents the High Quality PPI-BioBERT-x10 predictions after confidence thresholding