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Table 1 Comparison of the values \(\phi _\mathrm {fit}\) of the parameter \(\phi\) found by [2] with the values \(\phi _\mathrm {Poisson}\) expected from the Poisson law when taking into account the variability in the total number of counts per cell (see Eq. (16))

From: baredSC: Bayesian approach to retrieve expression distribution of single-cell data

Experiment \(\phi _\mathrm {fit}\) \(\phi _\mathrm {Poisson}\)
Klein 0.0428 0.0451
Macosko 0.116 0.115
Zheng 0.0416 0.0426
Svensson1 0.0940 0.0969
Svensson2 0.369 0.379