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Table 3 Matching of coherent regions with biologically known network topologies

From: \({\text{COSNet}}_i\): ComplexOme-Structural Network Interpreter used to study spatial enrichment in metazoan ribosomes

Regions rProteins Region identifiers
Rabbit—60S rProteins IntCryOmics_6gz5_dt12_IN50_WL10
 Region 1 eL32 uL4 eL14 eL20 eL6 uL13 eL28 eL33 LSU-TopRegion
 Region 2 eL13 eL15 eL36 uL15 uL29 uL23 eL8 uL2 LSU-Center.2
 Region 10 eL13 eL31 uL22 eL39 eL37 uL29 uL4 LSU-PET.1
 Region 11 uL11 eL40 uL10 uL6 LSU-P-Stalk
 Region 12 eL18 uL4 eL39 uL24 eL28 uL30 LSU-PET.2
 Region 17 eL20 eL21 eL29 uL30 uL18 LSU-Interface2Adjacent.1
 Region 16 eL13 eL15 eL36 uL15 uL1 uL29 eL8 LSU-Center.1
 Region 19 eL14 eL20 eL21 uL16 uL18 LSU-Interface2Adjacent.2
Subunit interface rProteins
 Region 5 eL13 eL15 uL5 eL42 eL21 uS13 uL18 Interface2
 Region 6 uS12 eS8 eL19 uS15 uS17 uS8 Interface3.2
 Region 8 eL27 eL30 eL43 uL2 eL34 uS15 Interface3.1
 Region 9 uL3 eL24 eS6 uL14 Interface1
 Region 18 uS12 eS8 eL19 eL22 uS17 Interface3.2
40S rProteins
 Region 3 eS24 eS4 eS30 uS2 eS21 uS4 uS5 uS8 SSU-Interface3Adjacent
 Region 4 eS25 uS7 eS28 eS1 uS9 eS26 uS11 SSU-Interface1Adjacent
 Region 7 uS10 eS10 uS14 uS3 eS17 uS2 SSU-CentralHub
 Region 13 eS7 uS15 eS21 eS27 uS5 uS8 SSU-Center
 Region 14 eS12 uS3 eS31 eS10 SSU-BottomTail
 Region 15 uS7 uS19 eS19 uS13 uS9 SSU-Interface2Adjacent
Yeast—60S rProteins IntCryOmics_6snt_dt12_IN50_WL9
 Region 2 eL8 uL2 eL28 eL36 uL13 uL15 eL43 LSU-Interface3Adjacent.1
 Region 3 eL31 uL22 eL6 eL20 eL33 uL14 uL16 LSU-TopRegion.1
 Region 6 eL39 eL37 uL29 uL4 eL28 uL13 uL18 LSU-PET
 Region 11 eL20 eL21 uL10 uL30 uL5 LSU-Interface2Adjacent.1
 Region 12 eL6 eL20 eL40 uL14 uL16 uL6 LSU-TopRegion.1
 Region 15 eL34 eL27 eL30 uL2 eL43 LSU-Interface3Adjacent.2
 Region 16 eL20 eL21 uL30 eL29 uL5 LSU-Interface2Adjacent.2
 Region 17 eL6 eL33 uL14 uL16 eL32 LSU-TopRegion.3
 Region 18 uL24 uL30 uL4 eL28 uL13 uL18 LSU-Center
Subunit interface rProteins
 Region 1 eL19 uS12 eS7 uS17 eS8 uS5 uS15 Interface3.2
 Region 4 eL21 uL11 uL5 uS13 uS7 eL42 eS25 Interface2
 Region 5 eL24 eS6 uS2 uS4 eS24 eS4 eS30 Interface1
 Region 8 eS7 eS21 eL27 eL30 eS27 uS5 uS15 Interface3.1
 Region 13 eS6 uL23 uL3 eL24 Interface1
40S rProteins
 Region 7 uS10 eS10 uS14 uS3 eS17 SSU-CentralHub
 Region 9 eS1 uS7 eS26 uS11 eS28 SSU-Interface3Adjacent
 Region 10 uS8 eS19 uS13 uS7 uS9 eS25 SSU-Interface2Adjacent
 Region 14 eS10 eS12 uS3 eS31 SSU-BottomTail