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Table 5 The predicted top 10 novel lncRNAs-related for four cancers by LRWRHLDA

From: Prediction of lncRNA-disease association based on a Laplace normalized random walk with restart algorithm on heterogeneous networks

Rank LncRNA Evidence LncRNA Evidence
Colorectal cancer Lung adenocarcinoma
1 CARL Unconfirmed FOXP4-AS1 lnCAR
3 MCM3AP-AS1 PMID: 32982409 VPS9D1-AS1 lnCAR
4 AL358334.2 lnCAR TERC lnCAR
5 AL157400.4 lnCAR AC018413.1 unconfirmed
6 LAMA5-AS1 lnCAR AL157838.1 lnCAR
7 HNF1A-AS1 MNDR v3.1 TUBB2A unconfirmed
8 RGMB-AS1 lnCAR AC019197.1 lnCAR
9 C21ORF62-AS1 lnCAR Z93930.2 lnCAR
10 CASC8 MNDR v3.1 SATB2-AS1 PMID: 34249715
Stomach cancer Breast cancer
1 SSBP3-AS1 lnCAR LINC00652 lnCAR
2 AC103740.1 lnCAR TAPT1-AS1 lnCAR
3 AF117829.1 Unconfirmed AC007823.1 lnCAR
4 AC092910.3 lnCAR LHX1-DT PMID: 33194577
5 RAB30-AS1 lnCAR KLF3-AS1 MNDR v3.1
6 AC093157.1 lnCAR FGF14-AS2 MNDR v3.1
7 GATA2-AS1 lnCAR KCNK15-AS1 MNDR v3.1
8 PCA3 lnCAR AC107959.2 lncRNADisease v2.0 (predicted)
9 TERC MNDR v3.1 AP003486.1 Unconfirmed
10 AC087164.1 lnCAR LINC00993 MNDR v3.1