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Table 2 Pairwise ontology-based semantic similarity measures implemented by the three main publicly available software libraries for the biomedical domain

From: HESML: a real-time semantic measures library for the biomedical domain with a reproducible survey

Gloss-based measures
Banerjee and Pedersen [69] x   
Patwardhan and Pedersen [70],
context vector
Path-based and taxonomy-based measures
Rada et al. [71] x x x*
Wu and Palmer [72]   x x
Wu and Palmer [72] fast
(depth-based approximation)
x   x
Leacock and Chodorow [73] x x x*
Stojanovic et al. [74]   x x*
Maedche and Staab [75] x   
Zhong et al. [76] x   
Pekar and Staab [77] x x x*
Li et al. [78], strategy 3    x*
Li et al. [78], strategy 4    x*
Liu et al. [79], strategy 1    x*
Liu et al. [79], strategy 2    x*
Pedersen et al. [44],
reciprocal Rada
x   x*
Al-Mubaid and Nguyen [80] x   x*
Kyogoku et al. [81]   x  
Batet et al. [45] x   
Hao et al. [82]    x*
Hadj Taieb et al. [83], sim1   x
Hadj Taieb et al. [83], sim2   x
McInnes et al. [84], U-path x   
IC-based measures
Resnik [85] x x x
Jiang and Conrath [86] x x x
Lin [87] x x x
Schlicker et al. [88]   x x
Pirró and Seco [89]    x
FaITH [90] x   x
Garla and Brandt [91]    x
Meng and Gu [92]    x
Gao et al. [93], strategy 3    x
Lastra&García [35], cosJ&C   x
Cai et al. [94], strategy 2    x
Hybrid IC-based measures
Li et al. [ [78] strategy 9    x*
Zhou et al. [95]    x*
Meng et al. [96]    x*
Gao et al. [93], strategy 3    x*
Lastra and García [35], coswJ&C   x*
Lastra and García [35], weigthedJ&C   x*
Cai et al. [94], strategy 1    x*
Feature-based measures
Sánchez et al. [97] x   x
  1. (*) Real-time reformulation of all path-based measures based on the AncSPL algorithm