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Table 4 Information Content models implemented by the main publicly available software libraries for the biomedical domain

From: HESML: a real-time semantic measures library for the biomedical domain with a reproducible survey

IC models UMLS ::Similarity SML HESML
Corpus-based IC models
Resnik [85, 108] x x x
CPCorpus [62], CPCorpus    x
CPRefCorpus [109],    x
Intrinsic IC models
Seco et al. [110] x x x
Blanchard et al. [111], \(IC_{g}\)    x
Zhou et al. [112]   x x
Sebti and Barfroush [113]    x
Sánchez et al. [114] x x x
Sánchez and Batet [115]    x
Meng et al. [116]    x
Harispe et al. [34]   x x
Yuan et al. [117]    x
Hadj Taieb et al. [118]    x
Adhikari et al. [119]    x
Ben Aouicha and Hadj Taieb [120]   x
Ben Aouicha et al. [121]    x
CondProbHyponyms [62]    x
CondProbUniform [62]    x
CondProbLeaves [62]    x
CondProbCosine [62]    x
CondProbLogistic [62]    x
CondProbRefHyponyms [62]    x
CondProbRefUniform [62]    x
CondProbRefLeaves [62]    x
CondProbRefCosine [62]    x
CondProbRefLogistic [62]    x
CondProbCosineLeaves [62]    x
CondProbRefLogistic-Leaves [62]   x
CondProbRefLeaves-SubsumerRatio [62]   x