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Table 2 NGS short-read datasets’ description with coverage (estimated per Illumina’s documentation), number of reads, read lengths, genome type, and the Accession #

From: Lerna: transformer architectures for configuring error correction tools for short- and long-read genome sequencing

Dataset Coverage #Reads Read length (bp) Genome type Accession number
D1 80\(\times\) 20.8M 36 E. coli str. K-12 substr SRR001665
D2 71\(\times\) 7.1M 47 E. coli str. K-12 substr SRR022918
D3 173\(\times\) 18.1M 36 Acinetobacter sp. ADP1 SRR006332
D4 62\(\times\) 3.5M 75 B. subtilis DRR000852
D5 166\(\times\) 7.1M 100 L. interrogans C sp. ADP1 SRR397962
D6 70\(\times\) 33.6M 250 A. thaliana ERR2173372
D7 67\(\times\) 202M 101 Homo sapiens SRR1658570