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Table 9 Pre-processed examples for the three tasks

From: Investigation of improving the pre-training and fine-tuning of BERT model for biomedical relation extraction

Task Label Sentence examples
PPI Positive Nuclear protein @PROTEIN$ is a coactivator for
the transcription factor @PROTEIN$.
Negative Their order of selection was @PROTEIN$ effusion,
@PROTEIN$ serum, TNFalpha-effusion, and C3 effusion.
DDI EFFECT @DRUG$ may increase the ototoxic potential of other drugs
such as aminoglycoside and some @DRUG$.
MECHANISM Cimetidine: @DRUG$ increases @DRUG$ plasma levels.
ChemProt CPR:6 We conclude that @CHEMICAL$ and BAAM are competitive
slowly reversible @PROTEIN$ antagonists on rat left atria.
CPR:9 @PROTEIN$ plays a role in purine salvage by catalyzing the
direct conversion of adenine to @CHEMICAL$.