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Table 4 Performance of imputation methods with 10% total missing

From: Mechanism-aware imputation: a two-step approach in handling missing values in metabolomics

  1. Each cell is the mean (standard error) NRMSE across 50 simulation repetitions using the COPDGene Data Set 1 (size p = 300 and n = 100). Values in thicker border cells are from MAI, while the “MCAR Imputations Only” and “MNAR Imputations Only” are using one imputation method only (grey boxes). Colors indicate whether the MAI combination method is better than using only the MCAR method (dark blue), MNAR method (light blue) or both (green)
  2. Better than both single algorithm imputations
  3. Better than MNAR only algorithm imputation
  4. Better than MCAR only algorithm imputation
  5. Indicates difference in means not significant at the α = 0.05 level