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Table 3 5-CV results of Leukemia Dataset

From: Biomarker interaction selection and disease detection based on multivariate gain ratio

Method Exp\({\_}\)One (%) Exp\({\_}\)Two (%) Exp\({\_}\)Three (%) Exp\({\_}\)Four (%) Exp\({\_}\)Five (%) Average (%)
5-CV results of accuracy       
I-score \(92.86\) \(85.71\) \(85.71\) \({\varvec{100.0}}\) \(81.25\) \(89.11\)
MGR \({\varvec{100.0}}\) \({\varvec{100.0}}\) \({\varvec{92.86}}\) \({\varvec{100.0}}\) \({\varvec{93.75}}\) \({\varvec{97.32}}\)
5-CV results of sensitivity
I-score \(92.86\) \(92.31\) \({\varvec{100.0}}\) \({\varvec{100.0}}\) \({\varvec{100.0}}\) \(97.03\)
MGR \({\varvec{100.0}}\) \({\varvec{100.0}}\) \({\varvec{100.0}}\) \({\varvec{100.0}}\) \({\varvec{100.0}}\) \({\varvec{100.0}}\)
5-CV results of specificity
I-score \({\varvec{100.0}}\) \(0\) \(80.0\) \({\varvec{100.0}}\) \(66.67\) \(69.33\)
MGR \({\varvec{100.0}}\) \({\varvec{100.0}}\) \({\varvec{90.0}}\) \({\varvec{100.0}}\) \({\varvec{88.89}}\) \({\varvec{95.78}}\)
  1. We conduct 5-CV Experiments by using I-score method and MGR method on Leukemia Dataset. Exp\({\_}\)One is the first experiment in 5-CV Experiments and so on. Bold data is the best result for every Experiment