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Table 2 Quantification and genotyping results from the case study

From: rprimer: an R/bioconductor package for design of degenerate oligos for sequence variable viruses

Sample number Assay A: RT-qPCR based quantification Assay B: RT-PCR based genotyping
Quantity (copies/ml), assay A Quantity (copies/ml), reference assay (ISO 151216-1) Bias (quantity from assay A/quantity from reference assay) Capsid type Polymerase type
1 2.00E+09 1.08E+09 1.85 GI.P13 (GI.Pd) GI.3
2 1.19E+08 1.27E+08 0.94 GI.P1 GI.1
3 1.07E+09 9.83E+08 1.09 GI.P7 GI.7
4 2.85E+08 3.43E+08 0.83 GI.P4 GI.4
5 2.44E+08 1.71E+08 1.43 GI.P13 (GI.Pd) GI.3
6 2.33E+07 2.62E+07 0.89 GI.P4 GI.4
7 7.95E+07 5.56E+07 1.43 GI.P4 GI.4
8 3.25E+06 3.27E+06 0.99 GI.P13 (GI.Pd) GI.3
9 8.89E+05 9.51E+05 0.93 GI.P13 (GI.Pd) GI.3
10 4.72E+06 5.77E+06 0.82 G1.P2 GI.2