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Table 6 Top 50 candidate miRNAs predicted by GATMDA to be connected with lymphoma

From: Predicting miRNA-disease associations based on graph attention network with multi-source information

miRNA (1–25) Evidence miRNA (26–50) Evidence
hsa-mir-196a dbDEMC hsa-mir-205 dbDEMC
hsa-mir-198 dbDEMC hsa-mir-215 dbDEMC
hsa-mir-29a dbDEMC hsa-mir-221 HMDD; dbDEMC
hsa-mir-29b dbDEMC hsa-mir-223 dbDEMC
hsa-let-7a dbDEMC hsa-mir-25 dbDEMC
hsa-mir-141 dbDEMC hsa-mir-26b dbDEMC
hsa-mir-143 HMDD; dbDEMC hsa-mir-31 HMDD; dbDEMC
hsa-mir-145 dbDEMC hsa-mir-34b dbDEMC
hsa-mir-1 dbDEMC hsa-mir-429 PMID34651663
hsa-mir-133a dbDEMC hsa-mir-449a dbDEMC
hsa-mir-208b dbDEMC hsa-mir-449b dbDEMC
hsa-mir-103a dbDEMC hsa-mir-93 HMDD; dbDEMC
hsa-mir-106a dbDEMC hsa-mir-95 dbDEMC
hsa-mir-10b HMDD; dbDEMC hsa-mir-99b dbDEMC
hsa-mir-151a dbDEMC hsa-let-7e dbDEMC
hsa-mir-152 dbDEMC hsa-mir-1180 dbDEMC
hsa-mir-181b dbDEMC hsa-mir-1184 unconfirmed
hsa-mir-182 dbDEMC hsa-mir-1246 dbDEMC
hsa-mir-183 dbDEMC hsa-mir-1247 dbDEMC
hsa-mir-191 dbDEMC hsa-mir-125b dbDEMC
hsa-mir-192 dbDEMC hsa-mir-1273a unconfirmed
hsa-mir-193b HMDD; dbDEMC hsa-mir-1302 dbDEMC
hsa-mir-194 HMDD; dbDEMC hsa-mir-146b dbDEMC
hsa-mir-195 dbDEMC hsa-mir-148a dbDEMC
hsa-mir-204 HMDD; dbDEMC hsa-mir-148b dbDEMC