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Table 1 The measurement accuracy of different algorithms under the overcast sky scenario

From: Adaptiveness of RGB-image derived algorithms in the measurement of fractional vegetation coverage

  MAPE (%) BIAS relBIAS (%) RMSE relRMSE(%)
Fun01 8.68 1.3 3.97 3.13 12.33
Fun02 103.43 17.89 103.4 19.93 148.5
Fun03 42.31 8.14 38.94 10.82 61.14
Fun04 56.87 1.57 41.21 12.02 177.99
  1. Fun01 is based on the combination of \(R/G\), \(B/G\) and \(2G-R-B\). Fun02 is the decision tree algorithm based on the RGB color. Fun03 uses the excess green and red indices to recognize the plants in the image. Fun04 uses excess green index and Otsu algorithm to identify plants in the image
  2. MAPE, mean absolute percentage error; relBIAS, relative BIAS; RMSE, root mean square error; relRMSE, relative root mean square error