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Table 1 Group ranking based on quartet scanning of the CRF03_AB data set.

From: Identifying recombinants in human and primate immunodeficiency virus sequence alignments using quartet scanning

Groups r g (%)  
  d max d av
CRF03_AB (2) 100.00% 100.00%
A (4) 90.03% 90.73%
B (2) 89.34% 90.30%
C (2) 82.59% 82.83%
D (2) 81.23% 82.71%
F (2) 80.31% 81.96%
  1. The group ranking values are listed as percentages of the highest ranked group; these values are shown for the maximum distance (dmax) and total distance (dav) from the mean position in the quartet-mapping triangle. The number of sequences per group is indicated between brackets