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Table 4 Comparison between GAGE, PAGE and GSEA-g results from the BMP6-MSC dataset

From: GAGE: generally applicable gene set enrichment for pathway analysis

Gene Sets & Methods   Top 10 abs(T/Z) Top 10 p-values Sign. Sets
Experiment Sets GAGE 2.48 7.3E-04 39 (13)
  PAGE 24.6 1.3E-131 864 (940)
  GSEA-g 1.97 <1.0E-3 86 (77)
Canonical Pathways GAGE 1.61 2.0E-2 7 (2)
  PAGE 10.9 8.8E-28 248 (297)
  GSEA-g 1.53 6.8E-2 6 (0)
  1. The significantly enriched experimental sets and canonical pathways in human MSC following 8 hour BMP6 treatment were inferred by GAGE, PAGE and GSEA-g (permutation of gene labels). Top 10 t- (GAGE) or z- (PAGE) statistics or NES (GSEA) and p-values and the numbers of significant gene sets were shown with p-value ≤ 0.01 (or FDR q-value ≤ 0.10). Note that GSEA-g results shown were based on nominal p-values (or FDR q-values).