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Table 12 Examples of Repair Detections

From: Identification of novel DNA repair proteins via primary sequence, secondary structure, and homology

Genome Identifier Methodology Pred. Score Description
Homo Sapiens ENST00000339511 P 0.950 N-glycosylase
  ENST00000339310 P 0.809 DNA Polymerase kappa
  ENST00000382643 P 0.469 Rad51 Homolog
  ENST00000357382 BLAST 1e-167 Tdp1
  ENST00000354383 BLAST 6e-51 DNA glycosylase
Mus Musculus ENSMUST00000112275 P 0.662 Uracil DNA-glycosylase
  ENSMUST00000112723 P 0.143 Rad52 Homolog
  ENSMUST00000021594 BLAST 1e-167 Tdp1
  1. Examples of detections in Homo Sapiens and Mus Musculus for proteins known to be involved in DNA repair and that are predicted via Method P or BLAST. Protein transcript identifiers are given in ENSEMBL format.