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Table 13 Novel proteins predicted to be repair-related

From: Identification of novel DNA repair proteins via primary sequence, secondary structure, and homology

Genome Protein ID Chromosome Base Pair Locations
Homo Sapiens ENST00000383825 3 9767733–9783421
Rattus Norvecigus ENSRNOT00000000872 12 43520629–43529526
Gallus Gallus ENSGALT00000005973 22 2794396–2802220
Pan Troglodytes ENSPTRT00000037442 8 39101917–39137673
Oryzias Latipes ENSORLT00000022300 24 20404058–20406887
  1. Examples of Method P high-scoring repair candidate proteins for several species are given. We list the organism, ENSEMBL protein identifier, and chromosome location. A full list of candidates from all 31 genomes used in this report is available as Additional file 5.