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Table 1 ArkDB Web Services

From: An XML transfer schema for exchange of genomic and genetic mapping data: implementation as a web service in a Taverna workflow

Service Method Parameters
ArkObjectService fetchArkObject objectAccession
SpeciesService fetchAllSpecies null
KaryotypeService fetchSpeciesByAccession speciesAccession
KaryotypeService fetchNamedSpeciesKaryotype speciesName
KaryotypeService fetchAllSpeciesKaryotypes null
KaryotypeService fetchChromosomeForMap mapAccession
MapService fetchMapsForChromosome speciesName
MapService fetchMapsForChromosomeAccession chromosomeAccession
MapService fetchMapsForAnalysis analysisAccession
MapService fetchAllMapsForSpecies speciesName
MapService fetchUncontainedMapsForSpecies speciesName
MapService fetchUnassignedMapsForSpecies speciesName
MappingAnalysesService fetchAnalysesForSpecies speciesName
MappingAnalysesService fetchAnalysesForMap mapAccession
MarkerService fetchMarkerByAccession markerAccession
MappingService fetchMappingsForMap mapAccession
ArkWebService Single access point for all Methods  
  1. Services and WSDLs are exposed at (e.g. The WSDL at uses the same services but specifies that returned documents conform to the GMD schema.