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Table 4 Comparison of existing resource indexes

From: BIRI: a new approach for automatically discovering and indexing available public bioinformatics resources from the literature

NAME Automatic Generation External Resources Advanced Search Capabilities Annotation of Resources Resources Classification
Bioinformatics Links Directory[6, 7]   X X X X
Pathguide[37]   X X X X
Online Bioinformatics Resource Collection[38]   X X X X
ExPASy Life Science Directory[39]   X   X X
Molecular Biology Database[5]   X   X X
Database of Databases[40]   X X X X
Resources at the EBI[8]    X X X
iTools[17, 18] X X X X X
myGrid[41]   X   X X
Feta[42, 43] Semi-automatic X X X X
caBIG[44]    X X X
  1. We compare existing indexes containing information about resources. We considered several classification criteria: i) automatic index generation, ii) whether or not the index indexes external resources, iii) whether the index interface provides advanced search capabilities, iv) whether or not the resources are annotated, and v) whether the index establishes a resources classification.