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Figure 3

From: siDirect 2.0: updated software for designing functional siRNA with reduced seed-dependent off-target effect

Figure 3

The proportion of selectable siRNAs and mRNAs according to Tm values in the seed-target duplexes. (A) The percentage of selectable siRNA candidates for human mRNAs according to the Tm values in the seed-target duplexes. The total number of siRNA (56,375,087) is set to 100%. (B) The percentage of human mRNAs harboring at least one target sequence of an siRNA whose Tm value of the seed-target duplex is below the indicated value. 100% indicates 25,651 mRNAs. Off-target hits with 0-4 mismatches between nucleotides at positions in the 2-20 of both siRNA strands and human mRNAs were represented as separate lines.

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