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Table 10 Verification Query comparing experimental results for the top 10 upregulated genes. Query 3. SeRQL query selects wildtype peptide abundance for locus_tag FTT_0552, upregulated in the transcriptomic experiment.

From: Francisella tularensis novicida proteomic and transcriptomic data integration and annotation based on semantic web technologies

SELECT ftt, ftn, exp, x FROM
{ftt} ncbi:blastn {ftn},
{psn} rdfs:seeAlso {ftn},
{analysis} mgla:poson {psn},
{analysisID} rdf:subject {analysis},
{analysisID} rdf:object {exp},
{analysisID} mgla:PeptideAbundance {x}
WHERE ftt = <>
AND xsd:integer(x) > 0
AND exp LIKE "*wildtype*"
USING namespace mgla = <>,
soft = <>,
nwrce = <>,
ncbi = <>