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Table 5 SeRQL select query identifies PSNs and their E.C. numbers, where MglA peptide abundance is greater than 2000. KEGG database annotations are linked to the PSN identifiers in the MglA data through the FTN identifiers. The path expression used is displayed in bold and shown in Figure 7. Peptide abundance data is connected through the PSN identifiers.

From: Francisella tularensis novicida proteomic and transcriptomic data integration and annotation based on semantic web technologies

SELECT psn, ec
{ftn} rdfs:seeAlso {ec},
{psn} rdfs:seeAlso {ftn},
{analysis} wu:poson {psn } ,
{analysis} mgla:experiment {exp},
{exp} mgla:abundance {abundance}
WHERE abundance >2000
mgla = <>,
wu = <>