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Table 1 Analysis execution times (using dChip for expression values computation)

From: Survival Online: a web-based service for the analysis of correlations between gene expression and clinical and follow-up data

Indicator Desktop PC Web based service Web based service (parallel dChip)
50 microarrays 24 min 10 min 5 min
150 microarrays 46 min 29 min 9 min
400 microarrays 85 min 68 min 22 min
  1. This table shows execution times related to the execution of the automated procedure by using a desktop PC, the web based service, the web based service with the parallel dChip using five parallel jobs. Execution on the desktop is carried on by an experienced operator on a system with all needed software already up and running. It includes intermediate manual operations and access to data stored locally on the PC.
  2. Web execution times are calculated starting with the same operator already logged in to the service. Analysis is carried out on the same data, already available on the portal.