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Figure 3

From: The "etiome": identification and clustering of human disease etiological factors

Figure 3

Sample clustering of genetic and environmental factors. Branches indicated in Figure 1 are shown in more detail here. A. Variants in TP53 lead to a set of diseases closely similar to the diseases caused by radon, tobacco, as well as other carcinogens and pollutants. B. CTLA4 (cytotoxic T-lymphocyte antigen 4) and TNF were clustered with immune-mediated processes such as thyroiditis, viral hepatitis vaccines, and immunizations, and more distant similarity with a myriad of environmental pollutants. C. Variants in APOE lead to the same diseases as periodontal disease, while ACE and NOS3 share profiles with inflammation. These three genes cluster with metabolic diseases and hyperinsulinism, as etiological factors for other diseases.

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