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Table 5 Difficult matches. caTissue and ProtLIMS UML class-attribute compared to CDE class-property pairs are shown here where the dice algorithm scored lower than expected. Reduced performance of the algorithms tends to occur when abbreviations and synonyms appear. For example ProtLIMS gel2d is used in UML to represent 2 dimensional electrophoresis gel.

From: Metadata mapping and reuse in caBIG™

caTISSUE CORE caArray (size 329) ProteomicsLIMS (size 200)
distribute id item distribution identifier specimen label sample specimen tracer
biohazard id biohazardous identifier substance identification sample name specimen
csm id user user common identifier module security user user gel2d id sample 2 dimensional electrophoresis gel identifier
id site identifier site id plate plate sample sample identifier microplate
check check event id out parameter identifier object parameter present remove status gel2d identification 2 dimensional electrophoresis gel name
numb participant security social participant ssn id log log sample sample identifier log quantity specimen
container id storage identifier storage unit file file id lim lim file identifier information laboratory management system
audit event id user audit event login name id sample sample type type identifier specimen type
date start user begin date user id raw sample sample identifier raw specimen