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Table 3 Mutation disambiguation patterns.

From: Extraction of human kinase mutations from literature, databases and genotyping studies

Example cases of Mutation disambiguation dictionary records and patterns
Cell lines patterns Cell lines names Proteins/Genes names Taxonomy names
human glioblastoma cell line MUTATION breast cancer T47D cells Met-1 serine protease Aeromonas sp. F713E
MUTATION glioblastoma cell line T98G human malignant glioma cells S100C Bacillus sp. G100I
MUTATION control cells L5178Y lymphoblasts Sperm surface protein P34H Candida sp. N12C
MUTATION cultured cortical neurons human cervical cancer C33A cells R18I.1 Synechococcus sp. D120S
T3 MUTATION preadipocyte clones -BRAF (V600E) thyroid cancer cells Protein C184L Symbiodinium sp. H10K