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Table 1 Mutations mapped to 1rw8A02. SwissProt accession P36897 maps directly to PDB code 1rw8 chain A and to CATH domain 1rw8A02 which represents residues 285–500. Other SwissProt entries containing known pathogenic deviations (PDs) are mapped to this domain via Gene3D and the mutations are mapped to the 1rw8 structure.

From: An integrated approach to the interpretation of Single Amino Acid Polymorphisms within the framework of CATH and Gene3D

SwissProt Accession Domain Range Sequence Identity Mutations
P36897 285–500 100% M318R, D400G, R487P
O00238 284–499 65% R486W
P36894 314–529 62% A338D, C376Y, M470T
P37023 282–497 60% C344Y, R374W, M376R
    I398N, W399S, R411P
    R411Q, R411W, R484W
P37173 330–546 40% Y336N, A355P, G357W
    S449F, E526Q, R528C
    R528H, R537C