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Table 1 Functional annotation clusters

From: A systems biology approach to the identification and analysis of transcriptional regulatory networks in osteocytes

Annotation cluster Enrichment score SP_PIR_KEYWORD or GOTERM # of genes P-value Benjamini corrected p-value
1 12.69 GOTERM_CC: Extracellular region 83 1.6E-18 1.3E-15
   SP_PIR_KEYWORD: signal 88 4.3E-18 3.7E-15
2 11.72 GOTERM_BP: ossification 21 5.0E-19 2.6E-15
   GOTERM_BP: biomineral formation 21 6.3E-19 1.6E-15
3 10.37 GOTERM_BP: system development 65 5.8E-15 5.0E-12
   GOTERM_BP: anatomical structure development 71
7.4E-15 5.4E-12
4 6.34 GOTERM_CC: proteinaceous extracellular matrix 22 9.3E-10 1.5E-07
   GOTERM_CC: extracellular matrix 22 1.5E-09 2.0E-07
5 5.18 SP_PIR_KEYWORD: muscle protein 12 1.1E-11 3.1E-09
   GOTERM_BP: muscle system process 9 2.8E-05 5.0E-03
  1. 269 over-expressed in osteocyte cells were input into the DAVID Bioinformatics tool for functional annotation clustering. Sample clusters and their top two Protein Information Resource (SP_PIR) and GO terms are provided here, with Cluster 2 relating to bone and Cluster 5 relating to muscle.